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Are you property investing for large or a small apartment or family home, fixer-uppers, or luxury?

We will find it and get it for you at the price that’s right. At Airbnb real Estate we help our clients with staging and dressing properties including full property set ups.

Are you using all of your time and money trying to search and find investment properties or the right holiday home for you or your family?

If you are travelling interstate it can be quite costly or arranging viewings and dealing with agents can be quite costly and time consuming. Acting as your Buyers Agent we not only save you time and money but can also offer our property management services to you by turning your investment property in to a positively geared 5 star short term rental.

We handle the whole process for you including search and inspect, appraisal and negotiation assistance.We then can arrange furnishing deliveries, set up design , and the management of your property ongoing reliving all the stress and time consuming costs which would otherwise have been undertaken by you.

Also the point of difference in turning your investment property in to a Airbnb property is that it becomes a paid holiday for you or your your family as you can use your property for holidays whenever you like and when your not we will be making money for you ! This is the difference in short term properties which long term rentals do not offer.

We can also assist you in the sale of your property and present it to buyers with the knowledge behind us of the short term rental market.

The most common approach we use is you do the property search for yourself or have already found the property which you would like to purchase.

We will inspect the property for you, and negotiate the purchase on your behalf for an agreed fee on the purchase price plus an Airbnb property set up fee which varies depending on size or complexity of the property.

An initial engagement fee is requested with the balance payable on purchase

Note: buyers advocate fee is 100% tax deductible for investment property purchased

Property Developers

At Airbnb Real Estate we also partner with property developers. Let Airbnb Real Estate manage and maximize returns of your property investment builds and sales.

Exposing your properties into the short term rental market will increase the revenue of your building projects for investors and owners and present them as a great investment for buyers with proven ROI to show.

We can also assist property developers and buyers with the entire process from sale to setting up their property to make it Airbnb ready , including professional styling ,photography marketing and set up. This creates for the buyer a stream of income ongoing or temporary until they either move in to the property , use it from time to time for their own vacations or on sell it as an investment .

This point of difference is why Airbnb properties are much more flexible compared to long term rentals and offer a higher return of investment.

Our Trustworthy Partners


Thinking about selling your home or investment property .

At Airbnb Real Estate we not only provide short term property management service but we also help clients with the sale of their properties.

The difference is we will sell your property as a Holiday Home to the prospective buyer which makes your property more attractive to investors as we can present them with proven ROI .

Also you may just be thinking of selling and moving on to somewhere else but are having trouble with the transition , as you have not yet sold your property and need to find a new home to purchase.

This is where Airbnb Real Estate can help. We can turn your home in to a temporary holiday home creating a stream of income for you and your family to help with the move . Then When you are ready to sell we can present your property to the market not just as a home but as an investment with proven returns which will help increase the sale price of your property.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email and we will be in touch