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Frequently Asked Questions

None. All management fees, initial bed set up, linen hire and pre clean are taken out of the profit received from guests once the first booking comes in.

Extra costs which you may pay is photography , property styling , Initial property set up support, pre clean & bed set up

We take all monies from rental income received.

The owner pays for property up keep and maintenance. If items are damaged by guests we will make a claim against them or deduct it from there bond deposit.

We are a full service property management licensed Real Estate company taking care everything related to your home whilst giving you peace of mind stress free management.

Our full service extends beyond normal property management providing everything from cleaning, linen making , guest meet and greet key exchange , maintenance , pool and gardening to topping up your bbq gas bottle and servicing your fire extinguisher etc. We specialise in Airbnb host management servicing Cairns to Port Douglas.

Yes we also act as any other real estate agency and can support you with the selling of a property.

Yes we can take your investment criteria and act as your buyers agent sourcing out investment properties for you saving you time and money.

Yes we can help you source furniture and arrange deliveries including set up and connection of cable tv for you to save you time and stress.

Yes our services are 100% tax deductible if you are buying an investment property.

Yes we are a fully licensed real estate company and are fully insured . License no 4362352

Yes we provide all linen services and guest amenities.

No we only manage the whole house or unit, we do manage granny flats or rooms which are separate from the main property as to be able to maintain the cleaning level needed for guests as share houses can be difficult .

No we are a full Airbnb management service providing cleaning and management combined.

We will complete a property data market analysis by looking at the area where the property is, amenities and layout which you have and compare it to other similar properties. also understanding the seasonality of tourism low and high season and how long you will use the property for yearly all plays a roll in determining the write price .

Creating a listing on Airbnb and multiple booking channels for you.Provide you with a prepared amenities checklist for your property styling and furnishing support and pre cleaning of your property professional photography , house manual for guests , maintenance pool and gardening bbq gas refilling and smoke alarm testings and more…

One of our team will come to your home to assess if your property is suitable for Airbnb.

We then will do an appraisal of your property and its maximum nightly rate rental potential.

Then if you decide you would like our support you sign an agreement with us and we begin the process of A professional photo followed by a checklist which we will give you explaining all the amenities you will need to be Airbnb Ready.

We then design the listing for you including a guest house manual and work out furniture and styling support if needed and a pre clean of your property before commencement.

Pre clean is the thorough clean including oven, fridge lights fans Air conditioners ,outside the property all the other areas which need to be prepared before the photo shoot and guests arrivals.

This is charged to you as a one off.

Properties are fitted with lock a lock box to give guests flexibility on check in times and contactless check in options. We also do host meet and greets depending on the property.

Our cleaners and property hosts are always working in your best interest in ensuring the protection of your property and if they ever notice any damage they always let management know immediately so we can make a claim against the guest. We constantly take photos of your property for cross reference to protect us in a claim so we have proof to present to protect you .

Any property with gas stove or a bbq we require a fire blanket for the safety of your property.

All smoke alarms in your property are serviced by SATS knowing your property is in safe hands.

All properties have a first aid kit and first aid signs on pool fences for guests safety.

All maintenance issues will be taken care of by us and with owners approvals. except in emergencies we will act first then notify the owner.

Although We do not guarantee the property occupancy rate we are always striving to achieve 60 to 70% plus and achieve the highest possible nightly rate.

All cleaning fees are charged on top of the nightly booking rate and are charged to guests not owners. Spring cleans are quarterly and are invoiced to owners.

Air conditioners will need to be professionally cleaned at least once a year.

All profits will be paid to owners monthly from our trust account after our commissions or maintenance costs have been deducted.

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